KEEP CALM & LOVE YOURSELF      WHY-  KEEP CALM ,Today I am talking about why you have to KEEP CALM and love yourself. We all know why it Is most important if no then read full article below till last. We are in such a society where we are surrounded by so many problems. yes I am 100% sure about it our society is great they think about us more than us. I don’t know why? Why its more important thing to keeping calm and loving yourself,because today’s generation is where we only want to make money, we all are being a part of race which is all about name and fame but the most important thing we don’t care about is our self, if we got fail then some of us commit suicide why? is this the only way to move out? I don’t how people does it even I can’t think about it for a sec. Because the only difference b/w us is, I love my self more than my work because life is a path of up and down some times we have to climb sometimes vice versa. You don’t know  about me but I was also like that even when I was trying to walk alone then I used to be in depression, you won’t believe but yes I used to. I am not writing it for paying attention , no if I my work is good then I don’t think that i would write something which will be important for my readers. Keep calm because if you are okay then everything is okay. Keep calm and  love yourself. The mantra of being happy. I know it’s not always easy because so many times we can’t handle problems and got depressed but it’s our fault we allow them. Easiest way to ignore these such type of problems is keep calm, and think positive and love yourself.  CONCLUSION-  The only point of this blog is KEEP CALM AND LOVE YOURSELF  in every conditions, which is sometimes impossible but we have to do. and if you are new then you can read my old blogs- maintaining balance when you decided walk alone- 7 STEPS KEEP GOING, DON’T GIVE UP walking alone is neither easy nor impossible( a story ) Walking Alone is neither easy nor impossible   NOTE– If you like and got inspire then leave comment and give me some positive reviews and subscribe also to get notifications about my new blogs. FOLLOW ME ON INSTA-      

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